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Mare Vaporum

by Arctic Sleep

Was it just the winter stars, or did it seem so far to the gates on the moor? Spilled that shot of apathy halfway down in the shades of distilleries Did we just die... Or did the liquid sky sink and spiral down through the trees? The echoes wave into the glass, a fragment of the final signal. This ship is just a specter-shell; The trail is gone but these tracks burn a scar in the field Openings and airlocks breathe into the bay as it’s all erased Stirred those pools of lipid ink, now the ghosts have found a permanent host in me Hallucinations and memories, embers sent up light-years out of our reach. High above the tree-line, vibrations blur the gauges and LED's sullen eyes euthanized in the calm of the twilight sky But still we see and somehow know. Just stay and wait til the pain is gone Let innocence be just this once. Endless miles of gray shade, promises of another reality Drops of morphine shine on the backlit dew of a dying memory We'll slowly breathe and cease to be. Delay the calcination some Bide our time by the setting sun. Condensation forms a chandelier, reflecting tinder and waning solar beams Ebbing consciousness, prismatic residuum and undertow just disengage and let it drift away. Steal one last glimpse of the bloodless moon Alleviation will set in soon.
Absolution a lament for the star-crossed sun here and gone like vapors on the sanguine dunes It seems so serene the way words roll from the siren's tongue Auroras oscillate as she pulls me from the waves The thoroughfares are gone pined away with dust Dismantled as we sleep in the languid grip of transience I never saw them leave addled by the haze intertwined with ivy in this derelict place This lack of atmosphere is not conducive to our reverie There must be some way out of here Where cloud thirteen's above a world aside from theirs No pills in plastic cups No straps upon the beds Where would you be now? Through lamp-lit halls as we drink alone on endless moon-bathed hills like tomorrow may not ever come. We're circling the drain, and it's time to let it go So set your head back down and watch the stars explode. The day she stopped humming in the barley field The outdoors made no sound Not a single drop and the lights have all died down The ether's closer now Make it stop The more I try to get to you, the less you are Just take me somewhere dark Horizons here are terminal... so shut it off Above the waves Polaris shining in her eyes They glow as the smoke-stream fades Too far gone Now these corridors bemoan their void and echo this funeral song
Did time escape us here under this canopy of evergreens? 'cause I remember everything now that we've touched ground... It's been so many years... and here we are. Have you been back since? Nothing ever changed... Hibernated, mummified whispers in the breeze here beside the riverbed Lanterns on the shore The flare path in the dusk nebulous and motionless temperate as it seems sleeping on the anchor watch distance and concinnity echo in the reservoir Back down to the bay haunted by the memories Illusions in the stratosphere sinking in the sand we've waited all these years...and here we are
Startropics 08:32
The austral summers claws arrange itself, beckoned and repelled deliquescence beneath the downpour she glances back and cuts the cables to escape velocity the terra firma melts away And in those years we would abide it by the white noise of the tide as nights crept by obscured by lamplight We'd wake shipside and we'd arise with red eyes fixed upon the sky hiding out until its lights out The streets were cold, the island dark, met you late outside the park bedroom eyes in lambent moonlight I've tried to disconnect the arteries that keep memory alive blinking lights in a mess of wires Now in this moment we can undo everything we left behind be unattached to ghosts and voices Beyond these palm trees, amber lights signal a flight path in the night I'm never coming back this time
Splitsville 04:54
Ascensions in the overcast a listless gaze in the hazy mass, sweeping to a fade Stare straight up past the runway and I'll see you at the bottom of the glass Mainframes shattered, the graphs and patterns burn away will you be back again Signals break up and dust trails bleed across the sky silencing the crowd Systems shut down, a shower of charcoal shards and sparks settles to the ground Thinking someday you'll spiral back down to the Earth And you sure don't mind the cold you'll disappear as the days grow old, but I will wait till the oxygen is thin and I can't feel a thing


Arctic Sleep's first recording, originally intended as a mere demo, was recently re-released due to demand from fans. It's an old crusty recording from 2005, but still sounds pretty neat. This album marks the band's beginning as a two-man operation between Keith D and Mike Gussis, and was recorded in a friend's living room. Everything was done in one take and the whole thing was complete in about 3 days including mixing and whatnot.


released January 1, 2006

Keith D - guitar, vocals, drums, bass
Mike Gussis - guitar


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Arctic Sleep Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Progressive, atmospheric doom.

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