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Abysmal Lullabies

by Arctic Sleep

Amber overcast, rays in the waves Shoreline's ashes sail by ...they're all gone And so we sink down into the cold deep Mountains shroud over me ...no sun As the harbor bows down to the sky and the forest resigns ...it's all gone And we... are... shut down ...no sun
Lunar Hollow 07:52
Oblivion 07:20
we're fucked for good this time and we could never stay here so when the moonshine streams are all tapped out i'll step into the sea As lucidness recedes, we'll stand like concrete waves while distance to the moon gets shorter every day and once it's all kicked in, we'll sink into the shade as nightfall dims the lights, despondency will fade I'm burning up the inside world shut it out forever I'll burn it down for good this time send it to the sun I'm here for my short time and I will die like all you And far beneath these frozen lights I'll burn up in the breeze
Dead stars... this is where they all go to die. The low, dim celestial overpass relics, cast in the corners as shadows drift across the cold basement wall fade lights i'm not coming back sail on by sleep forever The attic's cold... and cold is the comfort received. The black window, a frame to the night. In this solitude, no one will find me dancing on the edge of eternity. fade lights i'm never coming back sail on by sleep forever
Ghost Lights 05:17
A dim light in the halls tonight the space and structure obscured And this path is a secret A doorway to Elysium. A dark spot on the sun Going blank, going numb Can you break into this world and abide in the winds? All signals are sedated A distant susurration So when the pulsar glows at the junction go through the door and I'll meet you
Candlesmoke 08:58
With dark eyes burning from the sunset and shifting sand beneath the stream Senescence creeps up from the inside I wonder sometimes if it's real The sky sinks deep into the mirrors the door is not so far away As coldness grovels for your downfall I keep on reaching as you fade


"Abysmal Lullabies" is Arctic Sleep's second album. It is a solo effort written, performed, and produced entirely by founding member and multi-instrumentalist Keith D. This recording further demonstrates Arctic Sleep's signature sound of sluggish tempos, a super-heavy rythm section, down-tuned riffing, and whispery vocals all weaving a series of dynamics ranging from quiet, contemplative moments of introverted vulnerability to cosmic waves of absolute, monolithic loudness... all done with a keen sense for hooky melodies. With this release, the music reaches further beyond the constraints of any genre of heavy music, incorporating more acoustic arrangements, more psychedelic droning passages, and cello. As with Arctic Sleep's previous work, the lyrical themes continue to be rich with imagery of nature and space, all hazed with a looming atmosphere of sweet sorrow.


released January 1, 2009


Written and performed by Keith D.
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Joel Wanasek.

Keith D - guitars, vocals, drums, bass, cello


all rights reserved



Arctic Sleep Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Progressive, atmospheric doom.

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